What is this blog really about? (Why read my blog?) 

My blog is about people who have employee problems.  Posts are usually written from the viewpoint of the company owner or HR manager.   However, some posts are from the viewpoint of the afflicted employee, as in posts like “Psycho Boss”. Each blog is a short story about an employee problem, usually followed by three options for resolving the dilemma.  Two options should be obviously wrong to the discerning reader.  The point is to think about serious problems without becoming too serious.

What is the schedule?

A new blog appears each week on Wednesday morning.

Best posts (so far)

The best blogs according to my readers are:

My favorites are:

What should you expect each week?

Each post has a humorous angle. Of course, employee problems are not laughing matters and I never want to appear to be mocking or belittling an employee or business owner facing an HR issue. But HR without humor is dreary and depressing.

We’re all human beings with personality quirks or annoying (to others) personal habits and we all make mistakes.  So laugh along at the quirks and weirdness of your co-workers and bosses. Laughing is better than stewing in anger and frustration. Seeing the humorous side won’t detract from the fact that HR issues are serious matters.  Ultimately, all we want is to be treated with dignity and respect by our peers, our bosses, and the HR manager.

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Who am I (aside from the author)?

I am a licensed attorney who used to advise employers on their HR problems.  Employment law and HR issues are interesting because I’ve never seen the same employee problem twice.  Each person is unique and we screw up in our own unique ways, as I can personally attest.

My own work history is erratic because of my unique inability to submit to idiotic bosses or to working at really boring jobs. I have a big mouth, strong opinions, and I prefer a chain of command with me in charge. None of these traits is conducive to a long career as an employee.

I’ve never been fired from a job, but I’ve quit a few times and I’ve been downsized from both blue collar jobs and white collar jobs. In 2011, I was downsized again when my employer was sold. So I took the parts of my old job that I liked and created my own HR consulting business, providing general business advice on HR matters.

I’ve worked in private industry and in government jobs.  It turns out that losing and gaining jobs was great for my blog because I have a lot of experience to draw on when writing about HR. My legal training is also handy when I’m writing because I occasionally wonder if someone will recognize her or himself and allege defamation. Fortunately, I’ve never been sued because most of us are blind to our own faults and my blog people face universal problems.

I am also a history buff.  I tend to compare current events to past events. That includes when I’m looking for great examples of good and bad bosses. As you look through the archive of past blogs, you’ll see some related to historical events or people.

Contacting me

I am always interested in hearing from my readers. Contact me at norma.shirk@complianceriskadvisor.com.  If you have a great HR story that you would like to share, I promise you anonymity if it shows up in a future blog.

You may also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

The Jungle & The Hippo

Human resources is like a jungle, lots of boggy ground with no clear path to our goal. We struggle to find a path through the countless labor and employment laws, and when the trail disappears into the underbrush, we improvise with common sense solutions.

I’ve been finding common sense solutions for a long time. I am a lawyer, but I won’t be giving you legal advice. My goal is to help small business owners find a path through the HR Jungle by explaining legal principles in plain English and helping them find practical answers to every-day questions about their employees.

By the way, you may be wondering why the logo is a hippo. Hippos go about their business in a low-key manner with little wasted effort, but they can move quickly when needed. They cooperate to protect their whole community. Hippos are brave, ferocious defenders, and loyal; all qualities I admire.


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  1. Now I know the hippo logo story. I actually was wondering about the hippo logo. Now it makes perfect sense. The Clarksville Area Chapter SHRM thanks you for all your help with compliance information and your support! Happy Thanksgiving!


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