How Can My Business Grow With All These Distractions?

Another update from the HR Jungle….

Sondra’s business grew rapidly in the past 18 months as she expanded product lines. She added three new employees last quarter when she opened a second store. With two retail locations and a constantly expanding line of products, Sondra can’t keep up with the details.

She is constantly bombarded with employee requests for time off from work. Yesterday several employees came to work with ripped jeans and t-shirts which is not the image Sondra wants to present to her customers. The employees say they thought the dress code was casual. This morning she spent an hour sorting out a dispute between two employees.

One of the new employees at the new store is not working out and should probably be fired. Sondra needs time to read the store manager’s notes to verify the grounds for terminating employment. Then she needs to hire a replacement. But first she needs to revise the job description to ensure the next employee has the qualifications she needs.

What are some of the tasks on Sondra’s “to do” list?

1. An employee handbook that explains dress codes, time and attendance, and leave policies (among many other things) would answer many employee questions, saving time for her and her employees.
2. A procedure for resolving workplace disputes could ensure that future employee disputes don’t escalate like the situation this morning.
3. Job descriptions may need to be revised to better match the evolving duties of each employee.

Sondra’s been delaying taking action because she hates these administrative tasks. But she also knows her business is getting stuck because she’s stuck making up the rules as she goes. Sondra can outsource these tasks to an HR consultant leaving her free to continue building her business.

Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor can help Sondra and other business owners in similar situations.

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