Is DIY Always the Best Approach?

Another update from the HR jungle…

Bentley is the office manager for a small manufacturer. He was originally hired as the second shift supervisor but his organizational flair meant he soon was promoted to an office job. Now his boss has assigned him responsibility for employee matters.

Bentley knows nothing about human resources or how to run an HR department but he’s a team player. He knows the company faces some HR issues already. Several second shift employees have complained about being harassed by a co-worker. Bentley knows all the parties involved from his days on second shift and is worried the harassment really happened.

Bentley begins researching harassment issues on the EEOC website. There he discovers that harassment comes in many forms and is covered by several different laws. Bentley also notes there are a lot more federal HR laws that apply to his employer than he initially realized. (Bentley hasn’t even begun to look at applicable state laws.)

What should Bentley do next?

1. He could continue researching HR laws and issues but the research cuts in to his regular workload.
2. He could muddle along doing his best until a crisis erupts, exposing the gaps in the company’s HR compliance efforts.
3. He could tell his boss that it’s time to get professional help in setting up the HR department. A person knowledgeable about HR issues can be a resource for Bentley while he learns his new duties as head of HR.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor can help your company create an HR department and then serve as a resource to your HR staff.

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