Pay Now or Pay Later.

Another update from the HR jungle….

9098832-a-set-of-tools-for-repairs-vector-illustrationBarb owns a small home repair business with six employees. She pays them wages higher than the industry average so that they won’t defect to larger competitors who can offer more benefits. She’d like to add a group health plan as another incentive to remain loyal to her company.

But, once again, the health insurance quotes Barb received gives her sticker shock. There’s no way she can pay the employer’s portion of the premium for a group health plan. She’s already paying a fortune for her worker compensation premiums.

She knows her employees can’t afford the employee’s portion of the premium on a group health plan. Don Juan Smith’s paycheck is subject to the maximum allowed payroll deductions due to the court-ordered child support he owes to two girlfriends. High Risk Randy’s wages are being garnished for old debts and he’s never paid voluntarily for any employee benefit.

What options are available to Barb?

  1. She can remind her employees that annual open enrollment for the Exchange (a/k/a Marketplace) began on November 15th. They can apply for individual health policies or apply for an individual exemption to the requirement of having health insurance.
  2. She can tell her employees to talk to a health insurance agent about coverage options for the employee or for the employee’s family.

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