What Does the Job Candidate See?

Another update from the Jungle….
image019Mandy is the HR director for her division of a national company. She’s trying to understand why it’s so difficult to fill open positions in the division. The candidates she screens have the qualifications and experience to do the job but many of them reject job offers.

She knows her company offers mid-range salaries compared to competitors but the benefits package is good. She decides to investigate the situation by talking to a few of the job candidates who turned down job offers. What she learns causes heartburn.

All job interviews were supposed to be conducted by Sam, the division head, in accordance with company policy. But Sam is socially inept and often misses cues for appropriate behavior. His staff can’t forget the lunch meeting where Sam launched into a diatribe about a lawyer who once represented the company, forgetting that his diatribe was aimed at the lawyer’s son, who recently joined his dad’s law firm. So there’s no way Sam’s staff want him to be the face of the company to prospective employees. They convince Sam to let them do the job interviews.

Candidates tell Mandy that these interviews were “weird”. Weird how, asks Mandy. Well, say the candidates, the senior staff interviewing them seemed more interested in talking to each other than to the candidates. This included exchanging a few inside jokes that left the candidates feeling as if the division consisted only of
image022 competing cliques.

One candidate tells Mandy that the male interviewer, the one with the broken front tooth, assured her the company offered excellent health and dental benefits. Another candidate said that the office décor of gray carpet, few windows and tiny cubicles was do depressing that she needed an emergency session with her therapist.

What are Mandy’s options?

  1. She can change the interviewing process by conducting the interviews herself and foisting her choices on the division; or attending the interviews to ensure the division’s staff stays on task during the interviews.
  2. She can arrange training for the division’s senior staff on how to interview effectively.
  3. She can suggest to her bosses that after ten years of grayness, they should budget a few bucks for freshening up the office decor.

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