They’re Out to Get Me!

Another update from the Jungle….

unnamed-22Dexter’s always prided himself on being a team player.  He’s lost count of the number of times he covered for his boss, Dale, or stayed late to finish a project on a short deadline.

Dexter didn’t mind putting in the extra effort. He got a pay raise last year and the company reimburses part of his cell phone bill to cover the cost of keeping up with business emails on his personal cell phone.unnamed-21

Along the way, Dexter always had an uneasy relationship with the HR manager, Wendy. She seemed personally insulted last year when Dale agreed to bump Dexter’s pay.  A few months ago, Wendy posted a job ad with a job description that looks suspiciously like Dexter’s job.

unnamed-23Dexter found the job ad on the internet after he noticed a stack of resumes to Dale’s desk during one of their meetings. Dexter asked if the company was planning to expand the department by adding a new hire. Dale’s wishy-washy response leaves Dexter less than convinced that he has his boss’ support.

Then Wendy tells Dexter that he won’t receive any reimbursement for his cell phone bill because the company is cutting costs. She also says that Dexter shouldn’t work “off the clock” by checking emails after hours.

Dexter is feeling paranoid about his job security. He decides to take a few vacation days to clear his head. This morniunnamed-26ng when he returned to work, he couldn’t sign on to the company database.  He frantically called tech support and learned that the company’s systems were subjected to a cyberattack and his passwords must be reset. Dexter would have known if he’d checked his business emails which he now refuses to do since he lost his reimbursement.

Now Dexter’s paranoid and mad as heck. He’s convinced that Wendy is trying to push him out the door to give his job to one of her friends. He’s mad at Dale for not going to bat for him.

What are Dexter’s options

  1. He can allow his paranoia to grow until he sees little green men running around the office.
  2. He can create a fake resume for Wendy and send it to every job posting he can find on the internet.
  3. He can begin looking for another job where he’ll feel appreciated.

In the actual situation, the paranoid employee decided to wait before making any major job decisions. However, he joined several professional groups so that he could enhance his network in preparation for the day when he needed to move on.

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