Sit Down and Shut Up?

Another update from the Jungle…..

pic-1Amber sits at her desk sorting through paperwork when Tom walks in and slumps in the chair across from her.  Amber is the HR director for a company that provides transportation services for musical acts.  Tom is one of the bus drivers.  He stops by to give Amber an update about his recent month-long trip driving a rockabilly band around Texas.

The rockabilly band consists of 20-somethings who recently signed their first pic-5professional contract. The tour was to build buzz about their new album.  The band members were as excited as school children, staring out the windows as the passing scenery.  At the first roadhouse, they leaped off the bus, grabbed their instruments, and prepared to sing.

By the third night on the road, the band was already wearing down, probably due to their diet of soda, chips, and wine coolers. They slept on the bus as Tom drove to the next roadhouse or honkeytonk bar.  At the end of the first week, the band trooped tiredly off the bus each time it stopped at a new venue.

During the second week, their schedule took them to San Antonio, a grand old city with many tourist attractions. pic-4Between performances, the band decided to explore the bars on the Riverwalk.  Later no one could remember exactly what they did but they all agreed they had a great time.  Then they got back on the bus for the next leg of the tour.

After the San Antonio stop, the tour became a grind of road houses and bars. Nursing hangovers and a lack of sleep, the chatter and enjoyment of the first week was a distant memory.  By the final week of the tour, the band members snarled at each other.

Denver, the youngest band member, often came to the front of the bus to stare out the windshield at the flat, dusty pic-2landscape.  One day, after several minutes of staring, Denver asked where they are.  Tom was as tired of the road as the band. Without taking his eyes off the road, he replied to Denver, “What difference does it make to you? When the bus stops, you’ll get off and play. Until then, shut up and go sit down”.

In the actual situation, the bus driver really did tell a band member to shut up and sit down.  The band also successfully built buzz about their album and enjoyed a brief spell on the top 40 playlist.

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