Feeling Groovy

Another update from the Jungle…..

Marsha is too young to be an original hippie, but she does a great job channeling the 1960’s with peasant blouses and baggie pants or flowing skirts.  She likes herbal remedies, some of which she cooks up in her kitchen.  Her homemade dishes are the reason Wayne, the owner, now caters the potluck lunches for the office.

During Marsha’s eastern religions phase, the office reeked of sandalwood. Marsha said it helped her maintain her inner calm in the midst of life’s chaos. Since she lives in a state of perpetual crisis, none of her co-workers were convinced of the healing properties of incense. 

During her Native American phase, she decided to purify the office by burning sweet grass. Unfortunately, the bushel basket sized wad of smoldering foliage set off the sprinklers causing water to run out of the downstairs light fixtures.  Wayne is still fighting with the landlord to save his lease and with his insurer to cover the damages to the downstairs tenant’s office.

Marsha is an excellent worker when she focuses on her job, which is why Wayne didn’t fire her after the sweet grass fiasco.  Yet, he’s regretting his generosity because Marsha’s newest obsession is CBD oils. She says the oils have cured her anxiety, her forgetfulness and her insomnia. 

Marsha is so wrapped up in talking about the wonderful qualities of CBD oils that she sometimes forgets important deadlines. Two weeks ago, Wayne had to pour several scotches into the owner of a key client during an expensive dinner to convince him not to fire Wayne’s company. 

But Wayne’s life just got worse. Marsha now sells CBD oils.  Co-workers scatter at Mach speed when they see her toting a canvas bag with her product.  Last week Wayne ordered her to stop selling her oils on company time because he needs her to do the job he’s paying her to do.  Today he came into the office unexpectedly after a lunch meeting was canceled and found Marsha conducting a QVC-type demo of her oils for co-workers too slow to escape.

What options are available to Wayne?

  1. He can join Marsha as a latter day hippie and begin acting groovy.
  2. He can assign her to a virtual office to reduce her ability to interfere with the office routine.
  3. He can find a replacement and then hire a feng shui practitioner to purify the office after Marsha leaves.


CBD oils lack the chemical compounds that cause an hallucinogenic effect and so are not within the scope of drug use policies.  As long as usage doesn’t interfere with an employee’s ability to do her/his job, employers should take no action.  

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