There’s Got to Be a Better Way

Another update from the Jungle….

Bentley is the operations manager for his company.   He’s also the HR manager thanks to his boss.  Duncan owns the company, but he hates dealing with messy employee problems.  He bribed Bentley with a pay raise when he offloaded the employee problems on Bentley.

Since that fateful day, Bentley has done his best.  At first, HR was fairly easy despite Bentley’s complete ignorance of employment laws.  He fired Tim, a sticky-fingered employee who bragged to a co-worker about padding his expense account with fake receipts.   Firing Cindy for showing up at 9:30 am whenever Bentley and Duncan had morning meetings was also easy.  One of Cindy’s co-workers hated her guts for reasons Bentley didn’t ask and was happy to rat her out for lying on her timesheet. 

However, Bentley began to dread handling HR problems around the time he learned of the Sam, Wendy and Sue love triangle.  Wendy was a department supervisor who began having an affair with Sam, who was already dallying with Sue.  In a workforce of 35 people, it’s impossible to hide such a torrid soap opera.

Bentley learned of it the day he heard an awful screech and ran to the common area to find Wendy and Sue rolling around on the floor biting and clawing.  Bentley acquired a scratched cheek and a dented shin before he dragged them apart.  But trying to sort out the HR repercussions made Bentley realize he needed help.

Bentley asked about HR help during a meeting with their insurance agent. Their agent offered Bentley access to an online HR library provided free by the agency.  Bentley quickly learned that “free” access was costing him hours a week clicking through pages of regulations and guidance.  He had no idea which of them applied to a company of his size.

Bentley would love to off-load the HR responsibilities, but the only person offering to help is Brenda.  Bentley thinks she’s an insinuating weasel who likes power and he’ll be eternally damned before he lets Brenda get her sticky mitts on HR.  

What options does Bentley have?

  1. He can continue going with his “gut” and hope he’s doing the right thing. 
  2. He can ask his best friend who works for a giant corporation how they handle employee issues.    
  3. He can convince Duncan that they need a professional HR person who can help Bentley figure out what he needs to do as the HR manager. 

Small companies face a conundrum. They need a knowledgeable, trained HR person long before they can justify the payroll cost of adding an employee dedicated to HR.  Fortunately, small employers have many options for HR assistance available at varying price points.

If your company is struggling with HR issues, Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor can help you create HR policies that are appropriate for your company’s size and then serve as a resource to your staff as the policies are implemented.

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