Back to the Office

Becky is actually looking forward to getting back to the office now that the Covid-19 lockdown has eased.  If she reads one more e-book downloaded from the public library or binge watches one more show on Netflix, her head may explode.  Whatever lurks at the office doesn’t seem as dreadful as continuing to stay at home.

Not that she has been living a life of leisure, of course. As the HR manager for the company, she is now an experienced organizer of Zoom meetings with Bob the owner and with employees.  She even visited the office a couple of times to track the progress of the cleaning crew as they deep cleaned the office.

So this morning, Becky awoke to the alarm for the first time in two months.  Then she had to dig an old pair of stretchy slacks out of the bag destined for Goodwill donations.  Who knew that reading books and binge watching TV could be so detrimental to the waistline? A quick look in the mirror revealed limp hair with dark roots. She briefly cursed the government men who thought gun shops were an essential service, but not hair salons. What kind of idiot believes that, she wondered as she wrapped her hair in a scarf and grabbed a homemade mask on her way out the door?   

The commute felt odd after two months at home. She arrived at the parking lot and pulled into a space near Paula’s SUV.  Paula wore a face mask and plastic gloves. She was busy donning a homemade hazmat suit consisting of garbage bags held together with duct tape.

As Becky emerged from her car and waved, Paula shrieked at her to maintain social distance.  Becky lowered her head and trotted toward the building.  In the lobby, a nurse ordered her to stop at the blue tape line for a temperature reading and to answer a couple of questions. After a short delay, the nurse waved her through with a reminder to avoid crowded elevators.

Becky dumped her purse at her desk and strolled around the office.  She had spent hours of Zoom meetings with Bob the owner and the IT guy rejigging the office layout in the hopes of keeping everyone six feet apart.  Every workstation had a box of tissues and hand sanitizer.

A quick check of the bathrooms showed they were well-stocked with toilet paper, soap and hand sanitizers, and paper towels. 

Employees began sidling into the office, like bears emerging from hibernation, unsure what awaited them.  Becky returned to her desk to find several messages from employees who were too afraid to come to the office. Sighing, Becky sat down and started her work day. 

If your company has questions about bringing staff back to the office, Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor can help.  Whether it means reassuring employees that it is safe to return or revising policies to allow continued telecommuting, we’re here as a resource for your staff.

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