And Now…The New Year’s Resolutions.

image006Another update from the HR jungle….

Last year, while on her Christmas cruise, Sue, the HR director developed a brilliant plan to do something for her company and something for herself.

Her company has grown rapidly in the past two years and will grow even faster as the economy continues to improve. To continue growing smoothly, Sue knows that the company’s HR policies and procedures must also grow to ensure the company complies with applicable labor and employment laws. As the number of employees increases, so does the number of laws that apply to the company.

Sue also thinks about what she wants for herself. She decided to enroll at a local community college to obtain a 2-year degree in human resources administration. This degree will give her a theoretical framework for her on-the-job knowledge and it will validate what she has learned on the job. The degree will also enhance her chances of being promoted to more responsibility as the company grows.

Steps to Success

What steps can Sue take to reach these goals?

1. Sue must create a list of the HR policies that need to be updated. Then she must create a budget calculating the estimated time and cost required to complete the updates based on her prior experience updating individual policies. She also needs to prioritize the order of the updates in case her boss decides to delay some due to budgetary constraints (i.e., lack of money).
2. Sue needs to gather information from the community college website about enrollment deadlines and tuition costs. The class schedules are designed for working adults, so the hard part will be setting aside time to study while working full time. Sue also needs to speak with a faculty advisor to see if she can get class credit for some of her real world experience. Credit for real world experience may allow her to get a degree in less than 2 year saving her time and money.

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