Sex & the Business Woman.

Another update from the HR jungle….

Julie is a woman of a certain age. She steadily climbed the corporate ladder until she reached the C suite. She likes her job but it’s all gone a bit flat lately since she attained the goal she set years ago. She feels entitled to reward herself for all the hard work.


A few months ago, Julie met Javier at a business networking event. He’s a young man with gleaming teeth, a good body and he laughs at all her jokes. She tells her husband that she has to work late and then skips off to meet Javier.

Julie pays for their dates since her income is considerably higher than his. But sex on the side costs a lot of money, so Julie resorts to padding her business expense account and sometimes uses her company credit card for personal expenses.

Now Julie has been served with divorce papers by her angry and vengeful soon-to-be ex-husband. At the same time, Julie is trying to convince her employer to allow her to reimburse the company rather than face termination for cause with a possible criminal charge for theft. Worst of all: Javier won’t return her phone calls.

What could the company have done to avoid this employee theft?

  1. The company could change how it reimburses expenses of senior executives, requiring more documentation or oversight.
  2. The company could set tighter limits on the use of company credit cards, such as a maximum dollar limit per day.
  3. The company could do more random internal audits of company expenses to spot patterns of fraud earlier.

Julie resorted to employee theft to cover the cost of her love life. She engaged in the fifth motivation for employee dishonesty which is to pay for a boy toy or mistress.

All employee theft comes down to one of the following five motivations: (1) greed, (2) revenge, (3) gambling habit, (4) drug or alcohol habit and (5) having a boy toy or mistress. If your company is struggling with this issue, Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor can help you create internal controls and HR policies that mitigate your risk.

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