Avoidance Is Not Compliance.

Another update from the HR jungle…. 
image005Bob runs a company that has 31 full-time employees, 40 part-time employees and a couple of independent contractors. He knew he didn’t have 50 full-time employees so he thought he didn’t need to worry about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Recently Bob attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting where he bumped into Sam, a health insurance broker. Bob pretended to listen to Sam while he watched the room for people he really wanted to talk to. Then he realized Sam was saying something about counting part-time employees as full-time equivalents to reach a final head count on the 50 employee line between small and large employers.

Bob didn’t want to admit he hadn’t been paying attention so he nodded wisely at Sam. Later that day Bob did a quick internet search on the ACA and what he learned was disconcerting. He realized that his company is mostly like a large employer subject to the employer penalty which began on January 1, 2015 and he hasn’t done anything to comply with the ACA.

What are Bob’s options?

  1. He can panic, drink some Tennessee sour mash to soothe his nerves, and then forget about the whole mess until a later date when the matter is truly urgent.
  2. He can continue researching to find answers on what he needs to do, although that cuts in to his already limited free time.
  3. He can ask a trusted friend for a referral to someone who can guide him through the ACA compliance maze, which will simultaneously remove the problem from his desk freeing up his time.

In the actual case, my client chose the third option which is how I learned of his predicament. Within three weeks of the initial consultation we had implemented an ACA compliance plan and my client could focus on other issues. If your company is struggling with this issue, Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor can help you mitigate your risks through an ACA compliance program that is appropriate for your company’s size.

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